Why Us

Pushing Boundaries

Home used to be defined by four walls that separated indoors and out. It used to be just where you lived—not how you lived. At INMOTION, we don’t care for traditional boundaries and how they segregate parts of our lives. We believe home should be more than just a space or a place. Home doesn’t have to end at a doorway and the outdoors doesn’t have to be outside the way you live every day.

INMOTION removes the barriers that have always limited what a home could be. With a push of a button, we create an experience that automatically makes your home and your lifestyle more beautiful.

Backed by Experience

Caldwell Manufacturing Company is our parent company. In 1888, our founders Allen Boucher and William Caldwell began a company that produced nearly anything that required a coil spring. The founders had core beliefs of taking the long view, innovating to meet changing market needs and a passion for customer satisfaction.

Delivering Excellence

We make the automation systems that turn doors and windows into spectacular show pieces. You’re in the right spot if you’re looking for a company that can turn your home into a moving work of art.